Our Competition is very unique and we want you to understand exactly how it work from begin to end. So we put this short video to explain it.  To view video   CLICK HERE.  If it doesn't open you can right click on CLICK HERE and open on a new tab.

Opportunities to Win

Now THIS is exciting…Sing Your Praise National Radio Competition will award 50 qualifying round winners (1 from each state) a minimum $500 cash prize, and 14 Wild Card winners will be awarded a minimum $250 cash prize. Participants who enter our best-in category competition could win a minimum $500 cash prize! That’s not all; let’s not forget our minimum grand prize of $10,000, which will go to the overall winner of the Sing Your Praise National Radio Competition, as well as a generous donation to the church or charity of their choosing! Just in case you lost count, that’s 74 ways to win! That doesn’t even include the cash prizes that will be awarded during the bracket rounds of the competition. But keep your eyes on prize (literally speaking), because as the competition participation increases, so will ALL prize amountsWow, the news just keeps getting better and better!


We are now adding the first Sing Your Praise Competition and Concert Tour. This tour will consist of 25 cities around the country. Top 25 Christian Artist will be headlining and perform on this tour. But they will not be the only ones performing the Sing Your Praise Contestants that advance to the round of 64 will also get to perform and compete live at these concerts. That’s correct each contestant that advances will perform and compete to get a chance to advance to the next round and perform again at another concert. Contestants that keep advancing keep preforming at scheduled concerts around the country.

Competition Entry Details  

Sing Your Praise National Radio Competition entries will be accepted during the qualifying round, which will run through June 30th, 2017. All participants will be entered into the competition with a nominal entry fee of $9.99 from April 1st thru April 30th, $19.99 from May 1st thru May 31st, and $39.99 from June 1st thru June 30th 2017. During the competition entry process, participants are encouraged to opt into the following 10 Best-In category competitions, which will run parallel to the main competition, for an additional $20: 


·        Best Female Vocalist

·        Best Male Vocalist

·        Best Praise team/ Band

·        Best Choir

·        Best Latin

·        Best Gospel

·        Best Contemporary

·        Best Country

·        Best Hip-Hop

·        Best Original Music

*Participants may enter into several categories for increased opportunities to win big! Even if you are eliminated from the main competition the Best-in Categories continues to the very end. So you will continue to have a chance to will cash in your category. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COPYRIGHT YOUR MUSIC OR LYRICS BEFORE ENTERING COMPETITION. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW

It very easy to enter this competition; however we put together a short video to help guide you through the process. To view video:   CLICK HERE   If it doesn't open you can right click on CLICK HERE and open on a new tab.

Online Portfolio 

Once the entry application for Sing Your Praise National Radio Competition is completed, participants are encouraged to build their online portfolio in order to showcase their best work. In the online portfolio, not only voters, record company executives and producers will have access to each participant’s bio, pictures, videos, contact information, and more! Participants may upload and change their featured competition video at any time during the qualifying or bracket rounds. Keep in mind, in addition to voters viewing the online portfolios, talent agents and record companies will also have access to your work, and are constantly on the lookout for new talent. Always remember to post your most impressive audio and video recordings, and keep your contact information up to date! You may be discovered just though your participation in the Sing Your Praise National Radio Competition! To view a short video on building your portfolio:   CLICK HERE    If it doesn't open you can right click on CLICK HERE and open on a new tab.

Begin Sharing Your Personal Voting Page

As soon as you are satisfied with your online portfolio, you may begin sharing your personal voting page link with friends and family through social media and email, in order to receive as many free votes as possible! Votes are limited to one IP Address per round, but sponsorship opportunities are available. Participants may seek out sponsorship from friends, family, and local businesses in order to increase their number of votes. This is an incredible advertising opportunity for business, as they will gain exposure through the magic of viral marketing! Participants will be able to upload a logo for each sponsoring business, which will be displayed on their personal voting page for potential customers to see as soon as they access the page. Just to keep things fair, each participant is allowed up to $1000 in sponsorship votes per round ($1 = 1 vote). Remember, every vote counts! To view a short video on sharing your personal voting page: CLICK HERE   If it doesn't open you can right click on CLICK HERE and open on a new tab.

Advancing through the Competition 

The qualifying round of the Sing Your Praise National Radio Competition ends at 11:59pm on June 30th, 201750 state winners (one participant with the most votes per state) will automatically advance to the 1st bracket round and win a minimum $500 cash prize. In addition to the state winners, 14 nationwide Wild Card winners with most amount of votes will also advance to the nest round, and will be awarded a minimum $250 cash prize. Throughout the entire competition, participants may track their standing by accessing the Regional Leader board and Wild Card Leader board from the Competition Menu.

Performing & Competing Live at the Sing Your Praise Concert Tour 

Once the qualifying round is over the 64 state and wildcard winners will then get to perform and compete on the same stage as the headlining Christian artists performing in the Sing Your Praise Competition & Concert. After contestants perform and compete head to head the audience at each concert will vote for the one that they feel should move on to the next round. The first 12 concerts will feature all of the 64 contestants of which 32 will eventually move on to the next round. The next 6 concerts will feature the 32 contestants of which 16 will move on base on votes to the round of 16 contestants. Those 16 will again perform and compete at another concert. This will repeat itself until we get to the final round #6. Each of the 10 category winners will also get to perform live at these concerts,

In between the Qualifying round and the first round we will record a short documentary on each of the 64 contestants that advances, to be played on the big screen at the concert. Sing Your Praise is also working on a streaming deal that will allow the competition portion of the concert to be streamed live for anyone to be able to view and vote online. (More information to follow)

Competition Bracket Rounds & Approx. Concert dates are as follows:

Round #1 - 64 Artist (July 7th – Aug. 13th ,2017) 

  • 12 Concerts (Approx. 6 contestants per concert)- (Major Artists, Venues & Dates TBA)

Round #2 - 32 Artist (Aug. 14th – Sept. 8th ,2017)

  • 6 concerts (Approx. 6 contestants per concert)- (Major Artists, Venues & Dates TBA)

Round #3 - 16 Artist (Sept. 11th – Sept. 25th ,2017)

  • 3 concerts (Approx. 6 contestants per concert)- (Major Artists, Venues & Dates TBA)

Round #4 - 8 Artist (Sept 28th – Oct. 3rd ,2017)

  • 2 concerts (4 contestants per concert) - (Major Artists, Venues & Dates TBA)
  • 2 Best-in category performing at each concert

Round #5 - 4 Artist (Semi-Finals) (Oct. 5th – Oct. 9th ,2017)

  • 1 concert - (Major Artists, Venue & Date TBA)
  • 3 Best-in category performing at this concert

Round #6 - 2 Artist (Finals) (Oct. 11th – Oct 16th ,2017)

  • 1 concert - (Major Artists, Venue & Date TBA)
  • 3 Best-in category performing at this concert


If you encounter any issues during this competition please let us know about it through our Contact Us page.   If it doesn't open you can right click on CLICK HERE and open on a new tab.

If you signed up and didn't upload your competition content at the time you registered you can login to your Virdition account by following steps below.

Step by Step instruction:

  1. From
  2. Login to your account with your email and password you enter at the time you registered in the competition.
  3. From your Audition dash board you will see a "COMPETITION DASH BOARD" Tab next to the news feed tab just below the menu bar, click on it
  4. Go below to "My Live Competition"
  5. Click on "Change Your Competition Content" or " You have not enter competition Content"
  6. It will take you to the competition detail page, go to the very bottom of the page and select the content you want to upload, then upload your competition audio and/or videos.
  7. You can upload your competition image from your competition dashboard go to menu, "MY Virdition > My Account"


Jaci Velasquez's Sing Your Praise National Competition winner will be announced at the final concert between Oct. 11th and 16th, 2017! Visit or


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