Many voters don't realize that after they register and cast their vote they need to check their email inbox or spam folder for a confirmation email to confirm their Virdition voter account so that they can continue voting without having to register again. 
But if they use the Facebook easy voting button then they will not need the instructions below because they can continue to vote from the contestant's voting page using that option.
If you are having issues voting it could be that you haven't confirmed your account and you will have to confirm your account in order to be able to vote again, please follow these steps:
  • Click on Login on the top right hand side of the page
  • Enter the email and password 
  • A message is going to show asking you to click to have the confirmation email re-sent to your email
  • Once you do that check your email inbox or spam folder for this email
  • Follow the link on the email to confirm your account 
  • Once on the login if you don't remember your password click "Forgot Password" to create a new password.
  • When you access your voter account on the dashboard, click the Sing Your Praise Contest link right below the "All Live Competitions
  • Then go to the top of that page to the drop down menu and select "View Head to Head bracket"
  • Once on the bracket page just find the round and contestant you wish to vote for.


If you continue to have issues please contact us via our contact us page. We know how important it is for you to vote for your favorite contestant and we will do everything possible to assist you. 


Thank You

Virdition Support Team